Photographing Classmates

I had a great time photographing with my classmates around campus. We split into groups and photographed each other.


Close to sunset, I became the model for several others. They must have taken two hundred pictures of me. It all started with “Your eyes are pretty, can I photograph them?”


The look of Seasons

For this project, I wanted to show the difference in style between men and women’s clothing. This collection shows how men’s clothing covers their in a way that does not sexualize them while women’s clothing reveal their bodies almost as if on display. This sexualized difference between men and women’s clothing can be seen throughout the seasons. The first season is winter. The women’s style is more fitted and clean where the men’s is roomier and the clothing does not follow the contours of the body. The next season is spring. Here, you can see again baggy clothes for men and fitted even revealing clothes for women. For the summer season, you can see more of the women’s body. Not only that but clothing’s lack of function is seen here with the shorts and how they do not have usable pockets where as the men’s clothing does. The last is beach wear, another version for summer. For the men, they may wear less but the clothes are still not revealing. They are long shorts and have a pocket. The women’s beach wear is, essentially, underwear.


March for Science 2

Today, I joined the March for Science in San Diego once again. The march was to express the importance of scientific research and openness as well as saying that our continued scientific advancement moves us as humans into the future of wondrous possibilities. Not only do we need to continue to show the importance of science every day but also to younger generations. We learn from our past to make a better future.

“As scientists, we step on the shoulders of science, building on the work that has come before us – aiming to inspire a new generation of young scientists to continue once we are gone.” – Stephen Hawking


This project took longer than expected do to the number of images per panorama. The average number of images is about 20 and my computer is slow when it comes to panoramas (didn’t know since it has been a while since I have made one). I photographed the theater at the Center for the Arts and tried out for the first time a panorama globe. I want to try that one again and see about getting a better image. I also photographed a sunset (smallest number of images at 12) and I photographed objects in my small studio. I shot these to get large detailed images. I tried out this method on a paint brush, a large file, and a mannequin hand.

The images of the theater were the most images totaling 80 images. I divided and cropped the theater into three images so you can see the detail online and it would show just how big this theater is.


Walking Through the Lagoon

A few days ago I went to the San Elijo Lagoon with a class I TA for. We went to photograph some of the native plants that are found in the lagoon. It was the first time I had been there and I found the place beautiful. In between helping students in the class, I captured the beauty of the plants in the lagoon.


I also captured people in the class focusing on their photography.


I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to going back!


I set up shots in my studio of items that were no longer being used for their intended purpose. In this collection, I have a football that was re-purposed to be a dog toy, a fork that is now a bracelet, a box that carried photo negatives that is now a portable amplifier for a guitar, a watch that has been remade into an art piece to be worn around the neck, a decorative table cloth cut into a small piece and framed in a necklace form, a clock that is now jewelry,an amp tube now used as a pendent, and a belt and spoon put together to make a bracelet.