For my photo-booth project I chose to go where photography really began to take a foothold in my career choice. It was a mild comfort of familiarity yet strange because I did not call Palomar College my school anymore. I set up next to a tree close to the cafeteria so I would get a lot of foot traffic. This project was difficult for me because I struggle talking to people I do not know. I want to and do not want to talk to people. I struggled to start asking people to stand and pose how ever they wanted for a photograph. Many nos and a few yes answers. Luckily, I had a friend there to help so I was not so anxious. Once we got started, it got easier. Photographing random people got more enjoyable. I was ready to keep going until Mr. Catcall decided to set up camp next to us and harass women who walked by including the one that would stop for a picture. The last women in this collection was harassed by him and I closed up camp because of it and, of course, he leaves because I was. Of all the images here, he is the only one that got a name. He is also the only one posed quite differently than everyone else. Over all, though, I did enjoy this project even if my anxiety pushed the project to the week before it was due. I am proud of myself for getting out there and doing it. I got new ideas if I were to do something like this again. I stress thinking about doing it but hope I do so I can see how my ideas pan out.


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