Dorothea Lange : Grab a Hunk of Lightning

I watched Grab a Hunk of Lightning which is about the photographer Dorothea Lange. It takes us into Lange’s world and how she lived her life as a photographer. I have known about Dorothea Lange for a few years now but only recently started learning more about her. I got a book about her, A Life Beyond Limits, for Christmas and have been reading about her since then. This film was a little like watching what I was reading.

Since I have been reading about Dorothea Lange, I did know more about her going into the film. I learned about her family and more of what she did as an activist. Lange’s  photographs of the stitched stockings said a lot by looking at the little details.


The image Lange took of her son’s hand, John, holding flowers that he tried to give her on Mother’s Day shows us how much she though about photography. “Beauty appears when one feels deeply. Art is an act of total attention.” Lange’s words tell us that the beauty of an action is something we must capture. Especially, when act genuinely moves you.

mothers day daisies


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