This week’s task was to photograph food in some way. I looked at some different food photographers that are local and found Sarah Anne Ward. Her work is pretty appetizing. My favorite were her drink images. It reminded me of the Coka-Cola shots I did a few years ago. Do to a rather busy week, I was not able to shoot any drinks this time. I chose, instead, to photograph snacks.




Of all my shots, my favorite ended up being a photograph that I did not plan to shoot. I just had what I needed and set up the shot. The blue berry muffin is my favorite. Which one is your favorite?




I set up my shots using a black-backed glass table top. I also used my portrait stand to drape over the table I was set up on so that the ceiling was not in my shots. I was dressed in all black which aloud me blend into the black sheet above me. I used two flashes, one with an umbrella to light the subject and the other with a defuser which I used as fill light. I do not have a really good place to shoot this kind of subject so I had to improvise. I even used an ironing board. Here is a picture of my set up. Yes, those are cat scratchers holding up the ironing board.


set up


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