Never Ending Plates

1.2 billion. That is how many vehicles have been made up to 2010. With so many vehicles it is hard to ignore its impact on our home. We continue to remove what helps us and replace that with what we want then make those wants needs as we spread and multiply. Changes need to be made before we end ourselves.

I photographed over one-hundred license plates in one parking area just to show the immense number of automobiles. I chose to not photograph any electric cars; however, I did not come across a single one. I had a total of 128 plates. The ratio for gas to electric is quite excessive in this area. I am curious how many I would find if I photographed all the vehicles where I was. I would guess to find three at most out of the 400+ I would have photographed. I plan to be apart of the change from fossil fuels to electric. Will you be part of the change we need to save our home?




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