My name is Patrick and I am digital designer and photographer. I have been using Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom since 2009 and Photoshop since 1995. I started learning photography in late 2009 as well using my dad’s old, digital Olympus DSLR. My best friend, Michelle, who is a photographer, taught me the basics of photography. I got my first camera, an Olympus E600, for Christmas 2010. I did not take a photo class until Fall 2011. It was an intro to digital photography. By that time, I was taking the classes to show on transcript that I knew how to use a DSLR camera. I took more classes after that including the history of photography class in fall of 2012. This was the first class that made a change, in a good way, in my photography. Seeing and learning about past photographers and their work allowed me to understand the different styles of photography. I also got a new camera which is my current camera: Canon 5D. Each type of photography I do has its own look. I have an abstract style that is different from my event photography style which is also different from my landscape style. That said, my style depends on what I am photographing. The next style I am looking to learn is documentary photography.